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August 03, 2012


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Bill Perkins

Mr. Norman, you're making Harry Reid look like common sense personified.

First of all, Republicans are concerned about what the people want, not what the Democrats or this President want. If continuing to "compromise" toward bankrupting this country more quickly is not abandoning the people of this country then I don't know what is. And since you're voting for more, more, more of whatever the government does, then you certainly aren't doing anything positive for the "masses".

Doing nothing this President and this Senate wants is not only the right thing to do, the question is when the democrats will decide to listen to the people themselves. After inauguration this January, we'll have both a republican president and senate to match the house. The we'll see the dems make every obstructionist effort possible, just like the republicans are now. Will you then complain about a do nothing Congress? Doubtful. I do agree that the parties have never been so far apart and antagonistic, which appears to go back to the 2000 Bush/Gore race.

Let's see, we're spending about 22% of $3.8 Trillion on healthcare, 22% on pensions, 13% on welfare, 6% on interest, that's almost 2/3 of the budget, $2.4 trillion, "helping the masses". By the way, that's unfortunately about all that's being collected. Is spending 100% of every dollar the government collects not enough for you? What is it you want, Harry, other than to be a demagogue?

As far as you can see, it's all about Republicans not wanting a black man for President. Come on Harry, we're looking for a conservative person who has experience leading. I'd be happy with Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio, or Bobby Jindall--I give a flying you know what about what they look like or their sex, for that matter.

You don't think we have republicans to help right this country. That presumes the dems have a foggy notion about how to "right" this country. But what we sure as hell DO have is a president and senate focused on the power and authority of unions, illegal aliens, and collective rights of this group or that group against the filthy rich business men. And even worse, it's not because they care about those groups--let's not forget most of the dems, just like the republicans in the senate ARE the filthy rich--it's simply because they've got to pander to retain power. And this President is pander personified.

Tea party candidates' plan is not to serve the people. And what is serving the people, specifically, in your mind. You don't have clue do you? Or at least not one you'll share, since that might subject your real thoughts to analysis. Apparently it's not to improve the business environment in order to provide the masses with a job and self-esteem. As much as you hate business, it is the lifeblood of this country. You choke it with regulations, taxes and labor strings and you kill business. And then you've killed us all. But if serving the people is putting us all back in the 19th century, then your right on target, Harry Norman.

Bill Perkins

If "do nothing" is your problem, then your talking about the Senate, controlled by Harry and the other democrats. The House has passed at least 38 bills on energy, defense, workplace issues, regulatory strangulation, and healthcare that Reid hasn't even brought up for consideration and debate. Pure obstructionists. Never mind the 2012 and 2013 budgets that the dems are afraid to even put on the record.

At least our President has some political courage. He has the courage to shut down the XL pipeline so his buddy Buffet and the greens can prosper; he's ok with attempting to close legitimate Boeing facilities in right-to-work SC to leverage deals for Washington unions; he's fine with intentionally ignoring DOMA, immigration laws, stacking the NLRB with recess appointments when there is no recess, exempting unions and companies from Obamacare, and then fighting and suing states who try to enforce the law.

You cannot compromise with radicals for the sake of "statemanship". And for the life of me, I don't understand why you attempt to defend this prevarication by the President and congressman of whatever party.

Roger W. Norman

Don't be kind, Bill. Tell me what you really think!

Bill Perkins

Well, Roger, nobody else appears interested enough to tell you what they think. So other than me, it appears everyone else who visits here must agree with you.

I only wish you had the gumption to actually state (1) what your definition of ideally "serving the masses" is, and (2) your ideas about sustainable solutions for getting to your ideal.

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