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August 22, 2012


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Bill Martin

Take a look at the Biblical story of Bathsheba, King David, and the killing of Uriah, the husband. Consider that Bathsheba was a woman "caught in adultery." What would have been her fate if David and not killed her husband and taken her into his haraam? She would have been stoned to death. But, she was carrying a fetus, which would also have been stoned. Is this not likely the very most common circumstance under which a woman would be "caught in adultery" and stoned during Biblical times? What does this say about a religious basis for opposing a woman's absolute right to control her own body today? But wait, it gets better. In the Bible book known as "Numbers," Chapter 5, we see that there is a procedure to cause a miscarriage in the event a husband is suspicious, but cannot prove, that his wife has been unfaithful. The Bible actually encourages abortion of the illegitimate. The only thread linking then and now is that men are to be in control of outcomes for women. In fact, today it is little better. As the Republicans would have it, any strange man is entitled to force a woman to bear his seed to term. Any man who can corner a woman in a remote place or slip a drug into her drink is entitled to the highest prize of nature: procreation -- without earning her love or respect. Even alpha female wolves have more rights. How would a man feel about being forced to cook, clean, and polish the shoes of a person he despises for even as little as 9 months, never mind the necessity of dealing with that person's "parental rights" over your child for the next 20 years? Christ said that only a fool begins a building without knowing he has the resources to finish the project. Christ analogized the human body to a building. Women are entitled to postpone the building of a child until they are prepared to do it right, with the right partner. It is sheer savagery to argue otherwise. And, a fertilized egg is not a person. Even if it were a citizen, under what law does one citizen have the rights to unlimited use of another citizen's internal organs for 9 months? If I am your twin, can you require me to give you a spare kidney if you need one? Maybe there is a theory of "eminent domain" that might be created under the 5th Amendment of the Constitution. But, if so, a woman would be entitled to huge compensation for the public use of her internal organs.

Roger W. Norman

Or even more to the extreme, how about Chimerism, where one twin is virtually subsumed by the other, to the point where one body holds what would have to be two souls. It's even possible to have two different sets of DNA in a single body.

I know, off topic, except for some strange things within nature that might give rise to the unsubstantiated claims that a woman' body has the knowledge of when to terminate a pregnancy.

In nature there are certain methods used by the male to ensure that his seed is the one planted and it would take pages to go into. Also, in some studies, the male's sperm can recognize other sperm with in the vagina and has suitable defenses, one supposes soldier sperm, that kills the other donation.

Anything in nature encompasses everything you can think of and many you can't.

But if anything is studied well enough to say specifics, it is the female reproductive system and cycles.

Thus we have an absolute resolution to ignore anything resembling science and the ability to pretty much say anything as if it is true.

Which is what we watched Todd Akins do right on TV. Simple bullshit pulled right out of his ass on TV as if it had no smell.

Liked your comment. Keep them coming.

Bill Perkins

This crap is so disgusting I cannot bring myself to respond, other than that's what it is.

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