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June 12, 2012


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Bill Perkins

"But time and time again, the country kept moving in that vein even though half of the country didn't believe in becoming a world power OVER other countries, but rather a world power WITH other countries, specifically to hold the unholy Russian post WWII grasp for world dominance as the Soviet Union"

In the words of that great humanitarian, the late Rodney King, "can't we just, can't we just get along...". Why can't all the countries join hands, sing cumbiyah, and the world would be a happy place. Take the UN for example--its just a fine and dandy example of what the world can do if it just tries.

Sorry, the world, and people for that matter, are inherently evil and self-dealing when given their free will in matters. Give them power as well, and you end up with thugs like pouting Putin clearly holding the President of the United States in utter contempt yesterday. Leading from behind means we're somehow expecting Putin's Russia to come forth and lead a settlement of the Syrian mess? Putin misses no opportunity to jab the U.S. in the eye to improve his own lot, they want their naval base on Syria's coast, plus they make money selling Assad arms. Please.

With what other countries are suppose to help defend the world against these thugs? Do you think for a moment that the ruling thugs of China, Russia, Iran, as well as Islamist extremists of all stripes wish us good will? Compared to that lot, we ARE exceptional. Western civilization, despite its past upheavals, have been the good guys of the 20th and I hope the 21st centuries. The U.S. defended Europe from the Germans and then the Soviets and then helped Germany and Japan rebuild. Europe and Japan then poured all their money into social programs. Now they're virtually helpless, and hate us for it, apparently blaming us that their ponzi scheme is unraveling. Never mind our own ponzi-galore government.

Our country has done many misguided things with its military, but Vietnam aside, these have generally been toward defending ourselves, proactive measures to prevent predictable aggression, and preserving stability. At the invitation of many countries throughout the world, we have special ops forces training the military to defend themselves from narco-terrorists, guerilla-anarchists, islamist terrorists, as well as the country next door.

Whether you appreciate it or not, the efforts of this country have generally been to protect the good will, free trade, and stability of the world. We do not take over countries--that's not the purpose or result of Kosovo, Korea, Iraq or Afganistan. We have enabled Japan, a united Germany and South Korea to become economic power houses. Wielding influence does not create an empire, and neither has war for us since 1898. Otherwise, Europe would be the 51st through 65th U.S. states.

I would like the world at peace, but that's not mankind's forte. I would like for us to have strong allies and friends in the world, but that is not the case outside of the English speaking countries. But we absolutely must have the RESPECT of the worlds' beligerants or we will cease to exist. Bullies only respect power.

Bill Perkins

"the end of the Soviet Union was simply a mistaken idea that invasion would result in an addition to the Union, not bankruptcy. As it turned out, Osama bin Laden certainly deserves more credit than Reagan."

Osama bin Laden deserves no credit for Afghanistan's defeat of the Soviets. He and his gaggle of idiots were self-appointed freedom fighters playing at war against one of the great satans, pretending to know what they were doing. Check out their exploits in the Looming Tower.

Charlie Wilson, ok, some argue the Pope, Thatcher, Reagan, certainly the Afghan debacle. I think they all played a part. But bin Laden's impact is a myth.

Bill Perkins

"The idea, rather, is to kill Social Security and Medicare over the next 50 years, and certainly his budget proposals have nothing as prominent as this idea."

No, the fact is that these programs are going to either go bust on their own or the whole country will go bust trying to pay them. Sooner or later, you run out of other people's money. So the logical approach is to phase in a program that will protect current and near-term participants but realistically give future retirees an opportunity to put away a nest egg that actually is theirs, can be relied on similar to a 401k or IRA program and can be passed on to family at death.

Bill Perkins

"Remember, federal law trumps state law unless an issue is not specifically addressed by the within the federal system."

Unless it's not an authorized federal action as listed in the Constitution's enumerated powers. But then, the SCOTUS has proven it has a big imagination.

Bill Perkins

No Republican bashing---say it ain't so, Roger. But I wasn't really worried. You've provided a whole laundry list of additional trash talk I'd like to respond to, but I'll fall back on my standard.

1. What exactly do you want and expect the government to do for the people?

2. Given the realities of a ponzi scheme, exactly how do you expect to get there?

Simple, specifically what and specifically how. When you put it in those terms, you have to admit you can't get there from here.

Roger W. Norman

Sorry, Bill, but I don't have much time to write lately. The doctors did find what I feared and now I'm awaiting surgery and chemo/radiation treatments for who knows how long.

Just when I was starting to feel better from the year and a half problem, I've got this life threatening one. It ain't fair, but then I never accused life of being fair, I just want it to be fair, which is mostly my premise whenever I write.

I'll try to move your email over so I can hit you from the new Transformer Prime I bought for the hospital so I wouldn't be out of touch. Plus I can still check my own computer from wherever for my Roger@SirMusicStudio.com email. I can also check here for your messages. But typing to continue our conversations on the Prime isn't easy to do, even with the keyboard.

Roger W. Norman

Oops, sorry, don't have your email, Bill. Thought I did.

Bill Perkins

Doesn't slow you down at NYT, I see.

Roger W. Norman

Yeah it does. Like any medical problem, I have good days and bad days. The bad days are winning or at least raising their ugly heads more often, which causes me to not write anything for days at a time.

It's funny, because I can chart the readers of the blog and I keep records on my daily health, and they match pretty closely. Surprisingly so.

But don't worry, Bill. I'll be around for a while yet!


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